PT Kamilah Mandiri Sejahtera

COMPANY PROFILEPT. KAMILAH MANDIRI SEJAHTERA"WE SERVE BETTER"   About Us Mastery of technological capabilities industry in Indonesia has grown more and more advanced, so at this point has established a strong basis for the development of broad-spectrum technology capabilities. This seemingly with mastering technology, especially in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, especially in air conditioning technology. Among them we can prove to the creation of a desired air conditions within a specific room conditions. Along with the changing times and technologies that increasingly modern as well. So we PT. Kamilah Mandiri Sejahtera has been preparing to participate in the development of the times, especially in the field service, installation and sale of air conditioning system (AC)."We Serve Better" is our mission in doing service, installation and sale of air-conditioning unit, which is supported by experts who have experience and a high commitment to work better. And supported by a full equipment used. Finally, hopefully with their COMPANY PROFILE This may provide sufficient information about the company PT. Kamilah Mandiri Sejahtera.Best regards,AHMAD BADRI    DIRECTORVision: Making our company's Mechanical and Electrical superior through service with the best value (Best Value).Mission: To provide the best service to customers with the method of engineering excellence and ethical and moral heights.Motto: "We Serve Better" is our motto in the services in the field of Mechanical and Electrical particular Service, Installation and Sales Unit AC To the customer who is supported by experts who have experience and a high commitment to work better, and supported by a full equipment , fleet and media used.COMPANY DATA • Company Name: PT. Kamilah Mandiri Sejahtera • Founded: October 2014 • Office Address: Plaza THB Blok F1 No. 52-53 Kel. Pejuang Kec. Medan Satria Bekasi Barat 17131 • Phone: 085-100776884 / 0813 98,152,355 • Director: AHMAD BADRI • Contact Person: Muhammad Japar Sidik (0852 95924141)                   Noviah Jamilah (021 421 4355) • Type of Business: General Trading and Services • Types of Services: Care and Maintenance Machinery air conditioning (AC unit) • Types of Goods: Sales of air conditioning unit and Parts AC. • Licensing Company: The Articles of Association with the Act No. 25 of February 19, 2014 Date by Notary Agus Fauzi, SH • N P W P: 71.010.960.4-407.000 • Company Registration No. Date 20 Oct 2014 • Permit Company: License No. 510 / PM / 825 / BPPT.4 • Certificate of Domicile Company No. 503/41 / KI.Pjg • Number of Employees: 15 people.

Distributor AC Fuji Electric
Kamilah Mandiri Sejahtera merupakan distributor AC Fuji Electric di Bekasi. Kami menjual berbagai macam type dari AC Fuji Electric seperti Stading, Wall, Desk.